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About Rian Hughes and Device
"One of the most successful and prolific designer/illustrators of the past 20 years" [Roger Sabin, Eye magazine].

Rian studied at the LCP in London before briefly working for an advertising agency, i-D magazine, Smash Hits magazine and a series of record sleeve design companies. Having cut his teeth drawing comics for Paul Gravett's seminal alternative press comic magazine "Escape", for Belgium's Magic Strip he co-wrote and drew the graphic novel "The Science Service", published in five languages.

This was followed by "Dare", an "iconoclastic revamp of the '50s comic hero Dan Dare" with Eisner-award winning writer Grant Morrison for Fleetway's experimental Revolver magazine. He then moved to the legendary 2000AD, where he drew Really and Truly (again with Morrison), Tales from beyond Science (with Mark Millar, Alan McKenzie and John Smith) and the classic character RoboHunter with Peter Hogan. These strips and more have recently been collected and republished in the hardback collection, "Yesterday's Tomorrows", which was recently launched at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. (Knockabout, 2008).

Hughes has since worked extensively for the British and American comic industries as both designer, typographer and illustrator, notably creating many logo designs for DC and Marvel, including Batman and Robin, Batgirl, the X-Men, Captain America, Wolverine, The Spirit, The Invisibles, Shade the Changing Man, The Atom and more. Work also includes title sequences for The Box, poster designs for Tokyo fashion company Jun Co.'s Yellow Boots chain, the animated on-board safety film for Virgin Airlines, Eurostar's poster campaign, a collection of Hawaiian shirts, a range for Swatch and a BDA International Gold Award and Creative Use of Print Award-winning brochure for MTV Europe's Music Awards, written by Alan Moore, numerous book covers including the BBC Radio Drama version of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.

He has designed CDs and vinyl sleeves for indie labels such as Transient and Automatic as well as mainstream acts like Geri Halliwell, with whom he recently collaborated as illustrator on a series of six children's books. His advertising typography earned a Campaign Press Awards Silver in 1996 and a Merit Award from the New York Art Director's Club in 2000. He was an early contributor to FontShop's seminal FontFont range, and now fonts designed for clients such as Mac User, 2000AD, Newquay Steam and PC Format magazine are released via his own label, Device Fonts. He has contributed to numerous design annuals, books and international exhibitions, lectured widely both in the UK and internationally, and a one-man show of his work was held recently at the Conningsby Gallery, London.

The book "Art, Commercial", is a retrospective monograph collecting his design and illustration work. Recent books include "Cult-ure: Ideas can be Dangerous" and "Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s", and his comic strips have been collected in "Yesterdays Tomorrows", which was launched recently at the ICA, London.

?Soho Dives, Soho Divas? from Image features his portraits of the UK Burlesque scene, drawn from life, while recent strips include ?Batman: Black and White? and ?Magenta? for DC Comics, for which he also recently designed the Map of the DC Multiverse, and art for ?Doctor Who? and ?Mad Max: Fury Road?.

He has an extensive collection of Thunderbirds memorabilia, a fridge full of vodka, and a stack of easy listening albums which he plays very quietly.

Selected Exhibitions
"Sequential City", group exhibition, Baxter and Bailey, London UK
"Show Us Your Type: London", group exhibition, Central St Martins, London, UK 2013
"Image Duplicator", group exhibition, Orbital Gallery, London, UK, 2013
"21st-century type", group exhibition, Stationers' Hall, London, UK, 2012
"KLDW Typo-Graphics", group exhibition, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010
"In Search of the Atom Style", group exhibition, The Atomium, Brussels 2009
"Toybox", one-man show of limited edition prints at the Conningsby Gallery, London 2003
"Powerhouse::uk", group exhibition, Horse Guard's Parade, 1999
"Cafe Casbar", one-man show, Smith's Gallery, Covent Garden, 1990
"Film and Strip", Air Gallery, group exhibition, London, 1987
and other group travelling exhibitions to Taiwan, Edinburgh, Antwerp and Korea

Selected books
"Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s" Goodman Fiell [UK] 2013
"Tales from Beyond Science" Image [US] 2012
"Soho Dives, Soho Divas", Image [US] 2012
"Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss", Titan Books [UK] 2012
"Cult-ure: Ideas can be Dangerous" Fiell [UK] 2010
"Dare" with Grant Morrison, Edizioni Proglioni [Italy] 2010
"Custom Lettering of the 40s and 50s" Fiell [UK] 2010
"On The Line" with Rick Wright, Image Comics [US] 2010
"Yesterday's Tomorrows" with Raymond Chandler, Grant Morrison, John Freeman, Tom DeHaven, Chris Reynolds, Image Comics [US] 2010
"Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s" Fiell [UK] 2010
"Custom Lettering of the 60s and 70s" Fiell [UK] 2010
"Ugenia Lavender", children's books with Geri Halliwell, six volumes, 2009
"Really Good Logos, Explained" with Margo Chase, Ron Miriello, Alex White, Rotovision [USA] 2009
"Yesterday's Tomorrows" Limited Edition, Knockabout Gosh [UK], 2007 (collects early comic strip work)
"Ten Year Itch" Device [UK], 2005 (collects font designs)
"Art, Commercial" Die Gestalten Verlag, [Germany] 2001 (collects illustration and design work)
"Dare" with Grant Morrison, Xpresso/Fleetway, [UK] 1992
"The Science Service", with John Freeman Acme/Various, [UK/US, France, Holland, Belgim] 1989

Work featured in (edited selection):
"Comics Sketchbooks", Steven Heller, Thames and Hudson [UK] 2012
"Numbers in Graphic Design", Roger Fawcett-Tang, Lawrence King [UK] 2012
"Pop Psychedelic", BigBros Workshop, Last Gasp [US] 2012
"Logolounge Master Library 4", Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner, Rockport Publishers Inc. [US] 2012
"Sci-Fi Art Now - Postcards", ed. John Freeman, Ilex Press [UK] 2012
"The Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers", Alan Livingston and Isabelle Livingston, Thames and Hudson, [UK] 2012
"Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects", Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam, North Light Books [USA] 2012
"Characters: An Eclectic Alphabet", Will Foley, 2012
"Typography Sketchbooks", Steven Heller and Talarico Lita, Thames and Hudson [UK] Princeton Architectural Press [US] 2011
"Typo Shirt One", Index Books, ed Magma Design [Spain] 2011
"Logolounge Master Library 2", Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner, Rockport Publishers Inc. [US] 2011
"Logolounge Master Library 1", Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner, Rockport Publishers Inc. [US] 2011
"Creative Characters", ed Jan Mittendorp, BIS [Holland] 2010
"Sci-Fi Art Now", ed. John Freeman, Ilex Press [UK] 2010
"Design for the Greater Good", Peleg Top & Jonathan Cleveland, Collins Design [USA] 2010
"Illustration Now" ed. Julius Wiedemann, Tashen [Germany] 2009
"Drip, Dot, Swirl", Von Glitschka, HOW books [USA] 2009
"Market Smart", Jim Gilmarten, Collins Design [US] 2009
"Vector Graphics and Illustration: A Master Class", Steven Withrow and Jack Harris, Rotovision [USA] 2008
"Crumble. Crackle. Burn.", Von Glitschka, HOW books [USA] 2007
"Made with FontFont", Bis [Germany] 2007
"Swallow 3", IDW [US] 2007
"Contemporary Graphic Design", Charlotte and Peter Fiell, Tashen [Germany] 2007
"Indie Fonts 3", Rotovision [USA] 2006
"The Secret Life of Logos", Leslie Carbarga, HOW Books [USA] 2006
"Mascotte 2" Delicatessen, Happy Books [Italy] 2006
"Visual Thinking" Mark Wigan, AVA [London], 2006
"Text and Image" Mark Wigan, AVA [London], 2006
"Business Cards 2 - Ways of saying Hello", Liz Farelly, Lawrence King, [UK] 2006
"A-Z of Type Designers", Neil Macmillan, Lawrence King [London] 2005
"200 Best Illustrators Worldwide", Lurzer's Archive, 2005
"Logolounge" volumes 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 Rockport [2003/12]
"Type 1", Lawrence King, [London] 2005
"The Typographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design", Teal Triggs, Thames and Hudson [London] 2004
"Designing Typefaces", David Earls, Rotovision [USA] 2002
"Logo World", PIE books [Tokyo] 2001
"Visible Music", PIE Books [Tokyo] 2000
"New Logo and Trademark Design", PIE books [Tokyo] 2000
"Emotional/Digital", Thames and Hudson, [London] 1999
"Illustration", Rotovision, [US] 1998
"100% Illustrator", Smart Books, [Berne] 1997
"New Typographics 2", PIE Books, [Tokyo] 1997
"Timing Zero", PIE books [Tokyo] 1996

Selected articles
Creative Review [UK], Mmmmm... Dingbats, July 2012
Digital Arts [UK] January 2012
Digital Arts [UK] October 2010
Eye issue 71 [UK] 2009
Baseline magazine [UK] 2009
Ultrabold 6 [UK] 2009
Ultrabold 5 [UK] 2008
Novum magazine [German/English text] 2007
Design Week [UK] Volume 22 number 28, 2007
Mac Format [UK] 2006
Grafik [UK] 2006
Computer Arts [UK] 2006
Territory magazine [Malaysia] 2006
dpi magazine [Taiwan] 2005
Eye issue 39 [UK], 2003
Graphics International [UK], January 1998
Page [Germany], 1998
Circular Magazine [UK], 1995

Gold Award, BDA International (Broadcasting Design Awards) 1996
for MTV Awards 1995 brochure
AP&PB Best use of Print 1996
for MTV Awards 1995 brochure
Merit award from the new York Art Director's Club 79th Annual Awards
for Mystery in Space, book jacket, 2000
Best use of Typography, Campaign Press Advertising Awards 1995
for Newquay Steam advertisements

It's nice to win awards, honestly it is, but we very rarely enter them. This is a due to a combination of being too lazy/busy to fill in the forms and convert the material to the requested format for the judging process, and in the case of annuals, the feeling that because nowadays publishers that would like to feature material in their books include it for free (or even pay the designer a fee), paying to enter an award scheme where the main 'reward' is publication seems somewhat archaic. But when we do win them, of course, we're very happy.

Typography Jury foreman, D&AD 50

Device Fonts
Device Fonts presents Rian's library of original font designs for sale to the public. All are available for immediate download from this site. New and exclusive designs are added regularly. We accept most major credit cards and Paypal.

Wish to use an image you've seen on the site?
Most of the illustration and photography images shown here are available for licencing. Please email or call to discuss.

Custom fonts
Many Device fonts were originally designed for specific uses: MacDings for Mac User, Judgement for 2000AD's Judge Dredd and Citrus for the Body Shop. The cost of a custom font is dependent on the complexity of the design and the period of exclusivity. Generally after an agreed period the font becomes available as part of the Device range. Please email for further details.

Shop till you drop
Our shop will expand as we add more Rian Hughes and Device products. Many will be exclusive to this site, so check back to see what new goodies are available. Have you got some ideas for new products you'd like to see? Let us know.

All images are copyright Rian Hughes / Device and may not be used in any way without prior permission of the copyright holder. Purchase of limited edition prints does not confer any reproduction rights to the purchaser. Fonts are sold under licence - please read the details.

Device Discography
FontFonts, released 1994-1995
FF CrashBangWallop, FF Idenification, FF Knobcheese, FF Outlander, FF Revolver, FF Rian's Dingbats, FF TypeFace

Device Collection 1 "The First 100" released 1997
Amorpheus, Autofont, Bingo, Blackcurrant, Bordello, Contour, Cottingley, Cyberdelic! , Darkside , Elektron, Foonky, Griffin, Judgement, Lusta, Mac Dings, Mastertext, Metropol Noir, Motorcity , Pic Format, Quagmire A, Reasonist, Regulator, Ritafurey, Scrotnig, Stadia, Telecast, Transmat, Untitled 1

Device Collection 2 "Coachhouse Garage" released 1999
Ainsdale, Anytime Now, Chascarillo, Doom Platoon, English Grotesque, Gargoyle, Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo Extended, Hounslow, Jemima, Laydeez Nite, MenSwear, Quagmire B, Quagmire Extended, Silesia, Slack Casual, Space Cadet, Terrazzo, Wexford Oakley

Device Collection 3 "Salem" released 2000
Blackcurrant Alternates, Bullroller, Citrus, GameOver, Vertex, WhyTwoKay

Device Collection 4 "Moscow Low" released 2001
Acton, Haulage Commercial, Jakita Wide, Mystique, Novak, Paralucent, Range, Register, Register Condensed, Register Wide, Sinclair, Skylab, Zinger

Device Collection 5 "Under the Westway" released 2002
Data 90, Flak, Flak Heavy, Freeman, Iconics, Paralucent Condensed, Paralucent Condensed Italic, Paralucent Italic, Platinum, September, Substation, Westway

Device Collection 6 "The Common Room" released 2003
Cantaloupe, Cordite, Egret, Gravel, Klaxon, Mercano Empire, Mercano Empire Condensed, Mercano Empire Lined, Paralucent Stencil, Popgod

Device Collection 7 "Pagodaland" released 2004
Absinthe, Chantal, Dauphine, Drexler, Dynasty, Electrasonic, Galaxie, Galicia, Glitterati, Gusto, Interceptor, Miserichordia, Monitor, Moonstone, Outlander Nova, Payload, Pitshanger, Radiogram, Ritafurey (extension), Rogue Sans , Rogue Sans Condensed , Rogue Sans Extended , Rogue Serif, September (extension), Sparrowhawk, Straker, Telstar, Xenotype, Yolanda

Device Collection 8 "Zephyrmen" released 2005
Box Office, Catseye, Catseye Narrow, Custard, Gentry, Gridlocker, Ministry, Mulgrave, Payload Narrow, Payload Wide, Roadkill, Valise Montreal, Yellow Perforated, Zond Diktat

Device Collection 9 "Dirty Science" released 2006
Autospec, Battery Park, Chase, Cheapside, Coldharbour Gothic, Dazzle, Diecast, Forge, Hawksmoor, Heretic, Ironbridge, Klickclack, Nightclubber, Profumo, Roadkill Alternates, Roadkill Heavy, Saintbride, Shenzhen Industrial, Tinderbox, Vanilla, Wormwood Gothic

Device Collection 10 "Pulp Action" released 2007
Agent of the Uncanny, Apocrypha, Appointment with Danger, Conselheiro, Cordoba, Destination Unknown, Kelly Twenty, Las Perdidas, Lagos, Quartertone, Reliquary #17, Rocketship from Infinity

Device Collection 11 "The Sirens of Bear Alley" released 2008
Automoto, Charger, Dukane, Gonzalez, Seabright Monument, Strand

Device Collection 12 "Remasters and Servants" released 2010
Degradation, Mission Sinister, Paralucent Text, Mellotron
(The entire Device collection was converted to Opentype; numerous remastered fonts were extended to include Central European character support; many others to include ligatures and other OT functionality)
Notable extensions: Blackcurrant (added ligatures), Seabright Monument (added ligatures), Automoto (added ligatures)

Device Collection 13 "From the Factory Floor to the Dancefloor" released 2011
Capitol Skyline, Capitol Capitals, Korolev, Korloev Condensed, Korolev Compressed, Ember, Maraschino Black

Device Collection 14 "Brightwork and Gloaming" released 2013
Armstrong, Cadogan, Clique, Galleria, Glimmer, Kane, Korolev Military Stencil, State, Steed, Whiphand

Filmotype Library digitisations and extensions (available through FontBros)
2012: Filmotype Power, Filmotype Major, Filmotype Manchester, Filmotype Mansfield, Filmotype Marlette, Filmotype Meredith, Filmotype Miner
2011: Filmotype Modern,

Q: How do we find out if Rian will design our logo/illustrate our book cover/design our CD/produce a custom font/draw us a comic/clean our windows?
A: Email him.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Generally, the budget will dictate the time that can be allotted to a given project. Smaller budget projects where there is still the opportunity to produce experimental or interesting work with a high degree of independence are also considered.

Q: Rian's a designer/illustrator. How does that work?
A: Most of the material you'll see on this site is a mix of illustration, custom type, and design. For example, a book cover or CD cover is provided as complete print-ready finished artwork, rather than simply an illustration or image which will require type and design to be added by someone else as an additional stage. This holistic approach to all aspects of the work is what lends it its stylistic cohesion.

Q: Does he produce illustration on its own?
A: For editorial use and other commissions where type and design are not an integral part, yes. For other uses where type or design play a role, he usually provides the whole package.

Q: Does he produce design on its own?
A: Yes. In the role of art director/designer, many of the CD covers and book covers you can see on the site use purely typographic elements, photography or other imagemaking techniques.

Q: Does he produce design that utilises another illustrator or photographer's work?
A: Yes. You'll see many instances on the site, especially comic book covers, where he works in close collaboration with another artist as a designer and art director.

Q: Can I reuse an illustration or photograph I've seen on the site?
A: All images are copyright, and may not be reused without permission. However, we often licence existing images (with some exceptions) for many uses - book covers, editorial, etc. Again, please email with details.

Q: How exclusive is a custom font?
A: As exclusive as you need it to be. Generally, a custom font is exclusive to the commissioning party for a stated period, usually one or two years, after which it becomes available as part of the Device range.

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