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The Winchell Riots: Red Square EP
Band member Phil McMinn: "Based on an old map of Milton in Scotland, where my parents grew up, Rian has customised the details within the map to include lyrics from the songs. A lot of the lyrics on the EP deal with space travel, oceans and the idea of history, and Rian accordingly designed the package to look like a lost library artefact, sticker sealed, barcoded and number-stamped."
Creative Review

Rian Hughes talks 'Type Exotica' as part of The Letter Exchange Lecture Series
"Rian Hughes has a fascination with exotic display type. Reared on 70s Letraset and headline faces from the pre-digital world of phototypesetting, he will take us on a trip through his varied font library. Fonts he has produced for the Device library evolved from many sources - commissions for logos, one-off high concepts, chance encounters, and holiday snaps. As well as the type exotica, he will also discuss the genesis of some "serious" faces: 'Paralucent', his hugely popular modern sans; the intriguing history of 'Ministry', a revival of the UK road signage font, anonymously designed in 1930s and replaced by Transport Alphabet in 1965; and 'Korolev', designed by an anonymous Communist designer for the Red Square parade of 1917. Now enhanced by the possiblities of Opentype ligatures, swashes and CE support, Rian presents an eclectic and broad range of approaches and styles."
17 November 2010. Lecture starts at 6.30pm prompt.
Venue: The Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, LondonWC1N 3AT
Letter Exchange

Rian at the Literary Dundee Comic Conference
Sunday 27th June, 2010
Literary Dundee

Filmotype Modern
Stuart Sandler's project to digitise the Filmotype vintage font library goes live. Rian has stepped in to revive Filmotype Modern, a font he used extensively on Knockabout's covers. Back then, he had it set on an old typositor. Originally introduced in the early 1950s, it is the essence of mid-century casual playfulness. Based on scans of the original 2" font filmstrips, the revival includes a full international character compliment, automatic ligature combinations, ordinals, fractionals, and a host of alternate characters in dynamic OpenType format.

Filmotype at Font Bros

A Logo for London (that now has a Facebook fan page)
...and you can now buy it on a T-shirt. Hot off the silkscreen.
Order through the Facebook page

Custom Lettering of the '60s and '70s
Featuring over 5,000 examples, this 580-page volume celebrates the stylistically inventive and diverse field of hand-drawn type. Back before the digital age, the best way to execute a unique headline was to draw it - by hand. Collected here are samples that range from the florid to the chunky, from the elegant to the dramatic. A rich source of inspiration for designers, type aficionados and retro lovers. Edited and designed by Rian, and published by Fiell, the new arts and design-led publishing house from Charlotte and Peter Fiell.

Lifestyle Illustration of the '60s
Edited and designed by Rian, this 580 page tome celebrates a decade of fashion-savvy lifestyle illustration by talents such as Lynn Buckham, Coby Whitmore and Andy Virgil. Carefully scanned and restored, the stylistically diverse and astonishingly beautiful selection spans a period that saw a social revolution from romantic homemaking to Psychedelia and thigh-booted Chelsea Girls. Before Wallpaper magazine reinvogorated the popularity of lifestyle illustration, these talented and underappreciated artists were documenting a decade with verve and style. Published by Fiell, the new arts and design-led publishing house from Charlotte and Peter Fiell.

A Logo for London (that probably won't get used)

Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010, 1st-16th May
Rian presents a greatest hits collection of old and new work at Kuala Lumpur Design Week - volcanoes permitting
British Council Malaysia's photos - Pecha Kucha Night at Kuala Lumpur Design Week

Rian talks Dare at Sci Fi London
May 1st 2010

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