Device Type, design and imagery by Rian Hughes


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Creative Characters volume from BIS
"A collection of in-depth interviews with the most influential type designers in the business as well as up-and-coming young guns about the motives and methods behind the typefaces. Includes Rian Hughes, Jim Parkinson, Underware, David Berlow, Alejandro Paul, Christian Schwartz and many more."
BIS Publishers

Dry Transfer type - Veer revive the days of Letraset
Featuring Rian's "Mellotron" font - register with Veer to receive your free set.

Veer Type Transfers

Iron Man covers feature in Wired UK and Digital Arts Magazine
Rian's collaboration with writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca for Marvel's "Stark: Disassembled" story arc also chart in the "CBR Best Covers of 2009" hotlist and at #7 in's Top 50 covers of 2009.
Digital Arts February 2010 issue
Wired UK January 2010 issue

See Rian's messy desk
Digital Arts magazine shares the "secrets of the world's best designers".
Where did I put that DVD?

'British Mavericks' radio interview
Alex Fitch: "In the concluding show of the 'British Mavericks' series, which focuses on artists whose work is surprisingly avant-garde for the mainstream, I talk to comic book artist and graphic designer Rian Hughes about his work, from his early days in the small press and discovering European comics through Escape magazine to working on 2000AD and its spin off title, Revolver."
Download the show as a podcast here

It's a Device iPhone app!
TimeDevice 01 is the first iPhone app in a collaboration between Chilli X and Rian Hughes. The hour and minutes are displayed in a bold black font while the seconds display darkens slowly over the course of a minute. The background colour can be left to automatically fade through a spectrum, or a quick shake will select a random colour.
iTunes store

Baseline magazine
Steve Heller examines the 500 faces of Rian Hughes, in issue 57 of the International TypoGraphics Magazine.
"How many typefaces are too many? The more the merrier means the greater is the chance for unique expression. Rian Hughes is a principal proponent of this gospel."

New fonts - a pre-release exclusive through Veer
Mellotron and Pod - see them duke it out in animated style! A short film by the Veer creatives. See the movie
The Device collection is being updated to Opentype, and extra functionality - Central European language support, lashings of ligatures, swash characters and other Opentype extras - are being added along the way. Look for the updates of Seabright Monument, Automoto and Blackcurrant (now with the ligatures and alternate characters they always meant to have). Veer have them ahead of their release here on this site by special arrangement - say we sent you!
Preview and buy Mellotron
Preview and buy Pod

Illustration Now 3
Rian features in Taschen's new overview of Illustration, Now.

Updates to the Logo, Illustration and Design sections
Features recent work for Marvel Comics (Wolverine, Captain America: Reborn, Captain Britain), DC Comics (Batgirl, Batman and Robin, The Flash: Rebirth), Clairefontaine, Archaia, Roddenberry Productions, a smattering of Ugenia Lavender interior illustrations, plus other groovy stuff for other groovy clients.

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