Device Type, design and imagery by Rian Hughes


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Citizen! Dropping litter is a crime!
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Forbidden Planet Vinyl Rocket released
In 1988 Forbidden Planet commissioned Rian Hughes to create the world famous rocket logo and typeface still used today. This vinyl replica, launched to commemorate the opening of Forbidden Planet in 1978, is brought to 3D life by Matt 'Lunartik' Jones. Worldwide exclusive of just 350 pieces.
Forbidden Planet online

Type tart cards - the Sex issue of Wallpaper magazine
In conjunction with St Bride Library and Type, Wallpaper magazine asked designers - "from students to superstars" - to find the tart hiding in every type and create their own graphic tart cards.
Wallpaper online

Sketch Book:
Conceptual Drawings from the World's Most Influential Designers
Rian contributes to Timothy O'Donnell' new book on designers' sketchbooks - a truer reflection of a designer's thought processes, preoccupations, and problem-solving strategies than can be had by simply viewing finished projects.
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Drip. Dot. Swirl.
Von Glitschka's new book invites illustrators and designers to explore pattern. Rian gets an argyle sock to work with.
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In search of the 'Atom Style'
Rian Hughes participates in the exhibition 'In search of the Atom Style', which casts new light on artists from Andre Franquin to Yves Chaland, via Jije, Tillieux, Will, Joost Swarte, Ever Meulen, Serge Clerc and Daniel Torres. The exhibition is being held in the heart of the Atomium, a building which, since 1958, has epitomised the 'Atom Style'.
From June 5 to September 20, 2009, at the Atomium, Square de l'Atomium, 1020 Brussels, Belgium
BD Comic Strip Brussels 2009

Eye magazine type special - "Drawn to be Wild"
Rian talks about his collection of hand-drawn type. Expressive, explosive and sometimes beautiful, this lettering defies categorisation
Eye Magazine issue 71

Creative Characters 21 - Rian interviewed at MyFonts
Are you a Space Cadet or an English Grotesque?
"I'm a Slack Casual. With contextual ligatures."

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