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The Tangent mini-series design
A new interview on the design process behind this key DC series, now part of the new Multiverse.
Great Krypton! part 1
Great Krypton! Part 2

Rian to talk at Vision Bristol, 12-13 November 2014
"Vision gives you two days to soak up more ideas, inspiration and creativity than you could fit into the rest of the year. It's the only event where you can hear the likes of Alex Hunter, Patrick Collister, Simon Sankarayya, Michael Johnson and other leading industry voices in the same place. We're covering everything you would expect from Vision, but this year we'll also be looking at 3D printing, wearable technologies, the Internet of Things and future trends in social media. The talks and keynote speeches will give you ideas, inspire you and help you get back in touch with why you got into the business in the first place - to be creative."
Vision Bristol

Down The Tubes short interview for the upcoming Lakes Festival
Down The Tubes

Magic Strip exhibition
Magic Strip, the famous imprint set up by the Pasamonik brothers which published books by Chaland, Clerc, Torres (and Hughes' first album, The Science Service) is celebrated in a new exhibition which features original art and rare books. Curated by Isabelle Chaland, it runs from 4-6 October 2014 in Nerac, France.
Les Recontres Chaland

Hughes interviewed in the latest issue of 'Circular', the magazine of the Typographic Circle
Beautifully designed by Domenic Lippa at Pentagram.
The Typographic Circle

DC Comics releases the Map of the Multiverse at the San Diego ComicCon
Designed by Rian after sketches and background information by Grant Morrison, the new Map that seeks to interpret DC's rich history in one cohesive overview is provoking in-depth online analysis. What are the unknown worlds? The new series by Morrison, "Multiversity", which is also designed by Hughes, will answer your questions!
Entertainment Weekly
DC Comics

Morrison and Hughes' online strip for the BBC, "The Key", goes live
"'The Key' is an exclusive comic created by graphic artists Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes for the BBC's freedom2014 season. The award-winning artists tell a story of freedom, which, apart from the title, has no words. The comic is part of the BBC?s freedom2014 initiative and it's a pretty clear allegory about how totalitarianism tries to rip people's individuality away. Here, individuality is symbolized by distinct keys everyone in the society wears around their necks. The story ends up being about martyrdom, community, inspiration, and a lot more."
Comics Alliance
BBC interviews

City Lit, Fast Forward Talks and Gosh! Comics present a free talk by Rian
Slideshow and Q and A. And probably a beer in the pub afterwards. The event will be held at the Gosh! comic store: 23rd October 2014, 7.00 - 8.30pm.
Gosh!, 1 Berwick St, London W1F 0DR.

Graphic Design x100
Dorian Lucas' new book includes recent work by Hughes: "Presented are 100 young designers, as well as established graphic design companies."
Braun Publishing

Misc. series hits 50th volume
Hughes' occasional "Misc." series has just hit it's 50th release, "Skye Panoramas". This series of small 64 page, 7" square volumes serves as Hughes' private playground, featuring "unseen design experiments, photographic essays, personal sketches, strange clippings, resampled illustrations, random doodlings, themed ephemera, visual musings unrealised projects, curated detritus..." Past volumes have been given over to skateboard logos, cereal packet toys, valve packaging, Tuscan type, kebab shop polaroids and modernist abstracts made from Lego. Each can be viewed in full and purchased online.
Rian Hughes' bookshop

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