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Foyles window display now up

Creative Review's Monograph
Subscribers to Creative Review also receive 'Monograph', which this October features Rian's photographs of brash and colourful carnival and fun fair typography.

Filmotype Manchester revival and extension released
"Originally released in the late 1960s, Filmotype expanded its Grotesque typeface category with the introduction of its Miner, Marlette and Manchester typefaces, offering its own original take on the modern sans serif style. Type designer Rian Hughes refined and further expanded these styles creating the first expansion the original library since the mid-1970s with Mansfield and Meredith.
"Each weight of the Filmotype Manchester family was developed from the original font filmstrips and includes a full international character compliment, automatic fractionals, ordinals, and a host of alternate characters in dynamic OpenType format."


Rian to talk with past and future collaborator Grant Morrison at Dundee Comics Day, part of the Literary Dundee festival
From the 'Dundee Comics day' site: "Once again we welcome a stellar line-up of top industry talent, this time to celebrate the comics of award-winning Scottish writer Grant Morrison (MBE). Grant will be discussing his approach to writing comics, his thoughts about superheroes, as expressed in his recent book Supergods: Our World in the Age of the Superhero, and his experience of working with some of the best comics artists in the industry.
Rian Hughes is author of the book Cult-ure: Ideas can be Dangerous, and illustrated Grant Morrison's controversial reworking of one of Britain's most beloved comic characters, Dan Dare, in 1990's Dare, as well as working for various characters for 2000AD, such as Really & Truly (also with Grant Morrison), and Robo-Hunter. Some of his work in comics is collected in the limited edition graphic novel Yesterday's Tomorrows. His distinctive sense of design continues to have a profound effect on the world of comics." [posted 19/9/2012]

"Soho Dives, Soho Divas" illustration collection to be published in November
"Rian Hughes has created a unique series of portraits of London's underworld burlesque artists. Collected here are stylish and erotic sketches from life, bold graphic illustrations and beautiful paintings in an eclectic variety of media and styles. Contains mild nudity.
Available as a softback and as a limited edition hardback." [posted 22/8/2012]
Images from the book can be seen in the "Illustration" section of this site.
Image Comics

"Tales from Beyond Science" book collection to be published in November
Follow your host Hilary Tremayne on eight surreal journeys into the unknown. Discover the truth behind the mysteries of spontaneous human combustion, the Bermuda Triangle, the lost 13th month, and the real reason men have nipples.
Drawn by Rian Hughes and written by a Rogue's Gallery of Britain's finest comic writers ? Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Wanted), Alan McKenzie (The Harrison Ford Story, ex-Tharg) and John Smith (Devlin Waugh), this volume collects the complete series from cult UK comic 2000AD, relettered, all in colour, and including extensive brand new art.
Available in softcover and limited edition hardcover. [posted 22/8/2012]
Image Comics

Rian will be talking at Typo London 2012
The theme this year's conference is "Social", and Rian will be talking about the stories behind his book, "Cult-ure: Ideas can be Dangerous". Free stickers for the best questions afterwards! [posted 22/8/2012]
Typo London tickets and information

Rian's Artbox now on eBay
Bid now!
Update: The auction raised ?910. Bidding was fierce. Thanks to all who bid.

Artbox: Hughes customises the iconic red Phone Box
From the Artbox site: "The classic British phone box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate King George V's Silver Jubilee. This year we've got a Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 to look forward to, so we decided we needed to do something to celebrate. That something turned into BT ArtBox. It's a campaign that thrives on the nation's artistic talent. Then later on we'll be auctioning all the boxes off to raise money for ChildLine's 25th anniversary."
Artbox website
Rian's Artbox

Rian speaking at the Bookseller Conference at the British Library
June 20, 2012.

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