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Rian on the Dan Dare panel at Sci-Fi London
Panel Borders - Dan Dare in the 20th Century

Veer rubdowns
Add your own voice to the typographic chorus with five sheets of dry transfer lettering featuring fonts available exclusively at Veer. Just rub the letters into place wherever you want to leave a message or simply write your name. Included are DF Korolev by Rian Hughes, Phaeton by Randy Jones & Kevin Cornell, Hooligan and Eloquent Pro by Jason Walcott, and Semilla by Alejandro Paul.


Rian talks CULT-URE
Creativity, communication and the "thingness of the thing"
Interview and images

Print-Process - Designers for Japan
"'Designers for Japan' is a collective of imagemakers from around the world who were spurred on by the catastrophe of March 11th to do something, anything to help and to express our love for our friends and colleagues in Japan.
In association with Creative Review. All profits from the D4J print sales will be equally split between The Red Cross / Shelterbox."
Print Process

The Chap magazine gets a brand new whistle
Anarcho-dandyists! Followers of Chap-Hop! Doff your chapeau to the "Journal for the Modern Gentleman", which has had its inside leg measurements taken and cufflinks adjusted for the Hughes-designed bespoke makeover as of Issue 56. The new logo is based on recent Device Fonts release, Capitol, a font which displays the sane good breeding and upright character readers of The Chap would expect... at least, before the laudanum and cigars kick in. Waiter!

Video: Rian discusses "Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s"
Fiell Video

CORE 77 review CULT-URE: Ideas can be Dangerous
"Cult-ure is a tour de force ... Hughes clearly knows enough that he could write whole dissertations on any of the chapter headings. Instead, we're treated to amazing fragments and thoughts, like "your memetic footprint" ... Interspersed between the text are digressions on particle physics and quotes from sources ranging from Richard Feynman to Oscar Wilde.
To Hughes, anyone who tries to suppress rational inquiry and free speech, whether a religion or an autocrat, deserves to be mistrusted. We happen to agree.
The book is filled with ideas. Hughes quotes Alvin Toffler, who states that, "The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn." Cult-ure certainly provides a lot of opportunities."

Core 77

Rian talks CULT-URE on the Fiell blog and YouTube
Cult-ure - Ideas can be Dangerous
What designers do
Cult-ure and Monty Python
Peter Fiell waxes lyrical

CULT-URE launch at the KK Outlet, Hoxton Square
The Cult-ure book launch proved to be a packed-out event. Limited edition prints were on show. Cult-ure stickers got stuck everywhere, and on everyone.

Curating the Limited Edition Rian Hughes Prints
Curating the Limited Edition Rian Hughes Prints
Limited numbers of prints are still available from [email protected] For your memetic heath, label all dangerous ideas in your vicinity with free CULT-URE stickers, availiable from the KK Outlet, 40 Hoxton Square, or direct from Fiell.
Fiell on Flickr
CULT-URE limited edition
Design week

Custom Lettering of the 40s and 50s
The sequel to the 60s and 70s volume, this 580-page book collects over 5,000 hand-drawn headlines from the golden age of custom type. Expressive brush scripts, bouncy latins, black geodeco, action sans.... "an inspirational collection".

Available on Amazon
Fiell publishing

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