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Free Blackcurrant Cameo Font
Download your free copy of the Blackcurrant Cameo font:
OpenType format

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At Device, we like to see our fonts in use. Spotted "Roadkill" on a fast-food hoarding? Used "Paralucent" in your latest corporate report? Picked up a menu featuring "Blackcurrant" while on holiday in Ibiza? We want to see them!

Please email PDFs, screen grabs, digital photos and files to:
[email protected]

Send physical materials (we like print!) to:
Device: 2 Blake Mews, Kew Gardens, TW9 3GA, United Kingdom
...with your return email address, and we'll send you a FREE FONT.

Select one of the following 8 fonts:
Blackcurrant Cameo
Register Wide Light Italic
Silesia Medium
Vertex Medium
Dynasty Light
Data 90 Outline
Haulage Commercial Striped
Griffin Dynamo Caps

...and which format - Mac or PC - and your choice will be emailed direct to you. Seeing Device Fonts in use enables us to get a perspective on how our fonts function in the real world, which in turn will help us with future designs.

Conditions of use
Device fonts are subject to licence. This free font may not be redistributed, included on any other site or given away as part of a CD or other unlicenced promotion, or used in any way other than that granted by the standard licence. The standard licence is included as a Read Me file and is reproduced below. By downloading the font or using it you are deemed to have agreed to this licence. This offer may be amended or withdrawn at any time.

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